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People in our lab

Faculty Members and Secretary

Collaborative Researchers

  • Weihua Sun,Associate Professor at Shiga University (sunweihua At.png)
  • Shinya Yamamoto, Assistant Professor at Tokyo University of Science, Yamaguchi (See his web page)
  • Ryo Katsuma, Assistant Professor at Osaka Prefecture University (See his web page)
  • Tomoya Kitani, Assistant Professor at Shizuoka-University (See his web page)

Ph.D. Students

  • Babatunde Ojetunde ( ojetunde.babatunde.nq3 At.png )

Master Course Students

  • Kenichi Masuda ( masuda.kenichi.ly1 At.png )
  • Daichi Sakai ( sakai.daichi.rr0 At.png )
  • Yudai Tanaka ( tanaka.yudai.tt2 At.png )
  • Hiroki Masano ( masano.hiroki.ma7 At.png )
  • Jiaying Fan ( fan.jiaying.fb1 At.png )

Research Students

  • Ying Liu (liu.ying.lm3At.png)
  • Yi-shan Lin ( lin.yi_shan.lu2At.png )

Former Members