NAOKI SHIBATA    Associate Professor at NAIST

奈良先端大 モバイルコンピューティング研究室 柴田直樹

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Additional Publication List

  • Naoki Shibata : Efficient Evaluation Methods of Elementary Functions Suitable for SIMD Computation, Journal of Computer Science on Research and Development, Proceedings of the International Supercomputing Conference ISC10., Volume 25, Numbers 1-2, pp. 25-32, DOI:10.1007/s00450-010-0108-2 (May. 2010). [PDF] [SlideShare]
  • Naoki Shibata, Kozo Okano, Teruo Higashino, Kenichi Taniguchi : A decision algorithm for prenex normal form rational Presburger sentences based on combinatorial geometry, Proc. of 2nd Int'l Conference on Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science and the 5th Australasian Theory Symposium (DMTCS'99+CATS'99), pp.344-359 (Jan 1999). [PDF]